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[01. Basic Information.]

Emi / f / 21+ / GMT - 8 (Pacific USA).
Skype / Discord / email available via private messenger. AIM account is inactive.

[02. RP Length / Speed. ]

Varies depending on mood. Sometimes I am quick like lightning, sometimes I am slow like clouds. Keep in mind that longer responses take me far longer to write, and even longer than that to gain the willpower to begin. I also have a job, daily chores, and many other obligations in real life that take priority over RPing.
Preferred RP length is between one-liners and 2 paragraphs. I am very capable of far longer, but I don’t care to flex my attention span for it unless I have an interest in the RP or the other character. You are always free to ask if I have interest!

[03. Crossovers/multifandom, OCs, AUs, self-inserts. ]

Crossovers, OCs and self-inserts are fine! Usually, I am up to at least try things out with any. If I don't seem very interested just shoot me a polite message if you'd like.
AUs are fine, but I tend to need interest in the other character or their role to start one, too.
Optional AU post with character variants may or may not be coming soon.

[04. Romance / Pairings / NSFW. ]

Romance is very welcome; Yuuko is hesitant to trust, but once she does, romance is a viable possibility. Besides pre-established relationships, friendships, etc, it's easy to win her heart.

Poly relationships are also welcome, relatedly. So are platonic relationships, as long as they have some sort of interesting factor. (Yuuko desperately needs friends even in canon.)

NSFW probably will occur; mostly limited to communities.

In-universe / canonmate pairings I like include MC/Yuuko, Arata/Yuuko, and Yuugo/Yuuko. Most poly ships with the main character (either gender option) or Yuugo are welcome.

I don't mind Fei/Yuuko, and Nokia/Yuuko, but these aren't quite as interesting in a romantic context, but this isn't an instant no -- it's more that I need to have some interesting twist, plot, etc added, or an AU to alter the dynamic / characters a little bit to make it more interesting. However, platonic is more than welcome!

(FeMC/Nokia/Yuuko is an A+ gal pal sleepover ship. Fei is also welcome to attend / go shopping / paint nails with / etc. I might even be able to get behind a romantic ot4 like that... )

[05.] OOC communication.

Feel free to ask me for an RP if you would like one; I’ll let you know if I do not want to try an RP. It's fine to message me for any reason! I have it open to everyone, so feel free.

Please be polite with OOC communication! I also prefer to be asked before any criticism is given; if I refuse, please understand that it is not personal and simply a personal disability / mental condition issue. If I accept, please be polite as well; I can be highly receptive to criticism, but only if it is polite and the time is right. This is why I don't have a "how's my driving" post, I'm very sorry to not be able to have one. Thank you for understanding!


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