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[ 01. Canon Information. ]
-- Links: (Be wary of this post, and these links, if you do not want spoilers for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.)
2. Universe canon information; more information available in the first template box at the end of the article.
3. RizeGreymon & Machinedramon; Digimon partners; the full page for each is accessible from this page.

-- Canon-derived basic personality / traits:
> Quiet and reserved, and hesitant to trust others. Another character commented on this early in the game after passing a form of 'test' to the agency the main character, and the aforementioned other character, work in.

> Has many 'faces' or sides of herself. One such side can be angry or violent. During one part of the game, Yuuko was out for revenge, and seemed very cold and heartless. (The MC even has an option to say they'll call her "Yuuko the Blackhearted", to which she stares and replies, "You jerk." Later, she apologizes for the behavior, but when the MC doesn't understand something she said, she says 'nevermind'. The MC persists, but Yuuko won't tell them, saying that she'll make them forget, smiling as she offers a choice between a crowbar or hacking to accomplish that.)

> Can feel powerless when unable to assist or help others. Her inner thoughts displayed her loneliness and perceived uselessness in one scene.

> Worries often about the friends she does have. When the main character vanished for a week, she was extremely concerned, to the point where another character teases her.

> Loves food; can eat a lot in one sitting, sometimes even to comical amounts. Seen ingame, twice or more, looking at restaurant advertisements and is stated to be drooling a little. Actual line: "I always have room for dessert!" (She mentions in the game that doesn't like eating out when alone, though.)

> Can get upset when certain assumptions or stereotypes are made about her, whether true or false. She states more or less that, following a tough decision to be rid of something with sentimental value, that she won't cry or overeat. (However, she invites the main character to go to a bakery, handled offscreen -- another character comments directly afterward that Yuuko had eaten enough cakes to make the manager of the bakery cry.)

> Is/was the heir to Kamishiro Enterprises as her older brother was in a coma for eight years and during most of the game. However, canonically post-game, her father is alive and retains the CEO position for the time being. It is unclear whether Yuuko or her brother will inherit the company when their father retires.

> Very accomplished hacker. (Reasoning cut for being a semi-spoiler.)

[ 02. Headcanons. ]
Age: (varies; default 19, some years after canon story)
Height: 5'2" [157 cm]
Weight: 105 lbs [47.6 kgs]
Image Reference: 

> This blog's version of Yuuko can be anywhere from 15-21 or older, but my default verse for her is post-canon, at age nineteen. More details on post-canon verse coming soon.
> Still muse-testing at the moment; more headcanons will be on the way.
> Extremely fast metabolism, despite a lack of exercising.
> Very sheltered, and relies on EDEN/Internet/network systems for information. However, she is getting out more as of the past few years, and learning more about people and the world.

[ 03. Muse-specific links. ]
> NSFW information here.
> Verse information (AUs, specific post-canon verse, etc) coming soon.
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[ this blog is under construction. ]

[ the list: ]
-- bio/about/backstory/headcanons
-- alternate universes [ optional ]
-- kinks / preferences, for nsfw rps [ muse will be set in a postcanon verse & over 18 ]
-- rper info [ rp preferences, ships, etc ]
-- draw / edit screencaps for icons (maybe get a paid acc for 3-6mo if enough are made)


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